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Quick Dry Apparel line provides a layer of wicking protection designed to keep you cool and dry while being active.

Our product line contains a moisture wicking fabric which is a fabric that is designed to pull moisture away from the body. In other words, moisture-wicking fabrics are designed to keep you dry.

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After the birth of our miracle child, we were determined to give him our best. As active parents, we engaged in different youth activities, with our children and we took our son, Christopher everywhere with us.

We started to notice how our son would sweat in the stroller while actively watching his siblings play sport activities. We as parents had our cooling workout attire on, but our baby boy did not. Christopher had nothing on to keep him dry and cool. As a mother, I was committed to creating a quality clothing and product line that would wick away excessive moisture caused by drool and sweat and keep your baby skin dry and cool while being active.

This became the birthing of Dry and Cool Wear! Not only do I want my son to have the best quality clothing that will keep him cool and comfortable, but I also desire to share this experience with babies, children, and adults all over the world!

Erica Marshall, CEO & Founder



1201 W Peachtree St NW Suite 2300 Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Office: 470-867-6923

Fax: 470-867-6817

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Every purchase helps a child in need. We do what we can to impact children lives around the world.  We partner with other organizations to accomplish this. From helping children here in America, to Central America, and throughout Ethiopia and Africa. We believe with your continued support we can make a difference and reach more.


  1. Homeless Outreach

  2. Batter Women and Children Shelter

  3. Assist Single Mothers, Churches, and Military Families

  4. Hospitals

GROUP DISCOUNTS: Youth Sports Teams, Cheerleading Associations, Youth Dance, Band Groups and Fitness Centers and Associations.


Your faithfulness through word of mouth, social media sharing and purchasing power will continue to be a tremendous source of inspiration to us to allow us to continue to give back and help children in need.

We salute you, here at Dry and Cool Wear